03 March 2009

Music from Mathematics


If you can find this album, give it to me!

22 January 2009

Beta Version of ohsnapstudios.com released!


Hey everyone, I just released the beta version out. It still has a lot of bugs that I need to address, but for the most part it's functioning.

Things in my to do list:
create a past events link to search for older events, with list and sorting methods.
make sure I embed the DIN-Regular font lol
Install google analytics
Install swfAddress for deep linking
make the News actually link up to a blog
Clean up transitions
Rescale the photo album to fit laptop screens.
centralize all the variables into 1 file, right now i'm using two - one for the calendar, and the other for events with title, description ect...

Long term goals:
create a content management system to make updating the site easier.
A login system for private events...

Well Tell me what you think...

20 January 2009


Check it out, it looks way better than the previous design.

19 January 2009


1. A thumb piano.
You can play anything on this small, portable, musical instrument. It plays pure and almost meditative.
How to build one
Watch it

2. Rubik's Cube.
It's really not that complicated. Cube freaks are on youtube giving tutorials on how to solve it, try it and amaze your friends.
Watch it

3. Survivor by chuck Palahniuk.
The same author as fight club, this book is a great read. The main character is records his story on an airplanes black box as the plane runs out of gas in the middle of the ocean. Really cool!
Check it Out